Homes don’t “pass" or "fail” a home inspection. Every home may have significant good qualities, along with potential problems. We identify and explain these issues in the written report, and comment further on how to resolve them. Depending on the situation, we may provide references for additional information. A problem with a home is not necessarily a reason to walk from a deal or re-negotiate, but when you sit down to discuss any issues with your realtor that decision process is made much easier with your inspection report in front of you. As part of our ASHI Code of Ethics we are discouraged from recommending any contractors to perform repairs that we find during the course of our inspection, but your family, friends and realtor can usually provide you with a solid list of names if the need arises.

All homes have potential problems; many of which can be avoided through preventive maintenance. We try to help you define the maintenance required to catch little problems before they are big situations. For example, exterior grading improvements can often prevent significant basement problems. Use us to help with your maintenance concerns and to identify maintenance needs.

As home inspectors, we do not provide an appraisal or a municipal code inspection. The report will identify items that will be in need of repair immediately or in the near future.

Some safety hazards DO fit into the “Priority” category. Conditions such as a damaged combustion appliance will be reported as a safety hazard that needs immediate correction. We sometimes find problems that need correction for the safety of the current occupants and will pass that information on to them as needed.

We inspect following the New York State Home Inspection Standards and the Standards of Practice for the American Society of Home Inspectors which can be found here. http://www.homeinspector.org/docs/standards.pdf The ASHI Standards of Practice guide home inspectors in the performance of their inspections. Subject to regular review, the Standards of Practice reflect information gained through surveys of conditions in the field and of the consumers’ interests and concerns. Vigilance has elevated ASHI’s Standards of Practice so that today they are the most widely-accepted home inspection guidelines in use and are recognized by many government and professional groups as the definitive standard for professional performance.

Within 24 hours of the inspection, we will email you a 15-30 page report using HomeGauge software, one of the finest inspection reporting products available. Not only does it allow us to import photographs and diagrams, but is also extremely user-friendly and understandable for you as the buyer.

At the conclusion of the inspection, we present you with a hard-cover binder to store your report in, and a 100 page book on how to operate your home. It is the excellent "Home Systems Guide" by Tom Feiza.

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